Church Capital Campaign Logos & Background Designs

In 2024, after you determine your capital campaign name (or title), the next step is the theme design process. In exploring ideas for your custom campaign’s theme (or capital campaign design look), our clients find it helpful to review our capital campaign samples including campaign logo ideas and background designs before they give us their design preferences. These sample church capital campaign themes are not to copy, (your capital campaign name may not match) but rather to give you and your team visual references for discussing / describing design ideas (and to get a consensus with key decision makers) in advance of giving us your input for the custom development of the campaign theme design. As is said, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and these capital campaign design references help our clients in ways that words alone cannot.

With this “reference-based” approach, we develop a custom campaign theme design – based on your particular capital campaign name – that will resonate with your envisioned end-product as opposed to us guessing what you may like based on verbal input only and then not hitting the mark. We can incorporate any campaign theme design element (as-is or modified) or a even a combination from several references. Take a look at our best ministry, stewardship and church capital campaign themes….to gather ideas (backgrounds, fonts, colors, word stacking, genre style, etc.) and take note of which stand out to you and your team…and then get back with us.  (Click Here to read our Design process.)

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