Church Fundraising Materials for your Capital Campaign

Stephen Lee - Owner of Church Fundraising Materials

Church Fundraising Materials’ sole purpose and focus is to work alongside churches, Christian schools and ministries in their major fundraising efforts. So whether your vision needs funding for land, buildings, increased annual funds, missions, community ministry or even debt relief, we can help create compelling church fundraising materials that better reach your constituents. Since we’ve done so many campaigns, we offer clients something unusual that a typical local design firm cannot. We have designed resources that these churches or ministries can look at and get ideas from. We do custom work, but it’s so helpful to be able to see other campaigns, hundreds of them, that we have online for you to get ideas from. It helps the leadership “jell together” in advance of giving us direction, so that when you do give us direction, we’re not just dependent on mere words like the old saying says, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but we can look at these design samples together, whether in whole, or elements, or pieces of those. And as a team, we discuss and get a consensus on what you want us to do so that when we come back with your custom design, it resonates deeply and you like it.

The churches, ministries and private schools that call upon us have variant communication needs. It could be just design work, design and printing, and/or design and video.

Design and Printing for Capital Campaign Themes and Templates

We provide the church an option to use their local printer. They may have a printer on-staff at the church, or one of the members who wants to provide it for free or at a discount, and we’re fine with that. We offer three introductory packages that they can step into. They can add to those packages, subtract from those packages or even exchange pieces. They’re just discussion points.

Our main goal is not to get you to a higher priced package but to get you to the right package for your expectations, your needs, and your budget.

Video for Fundraising Communication

We have very unique and talented video partners that partner with us that can walk a church through from beginning to end on how to create their videos. Our partners have a great network television background and bring to these churches a level of experience and expertise that is very high-end and very hard to do on your own.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 678-820-3177 with any questions.