We give you the director’s chair…and the control!

Contact Church Fundraising Materials

Managing your stewardship campaign, with concerns for budgets, time limitations and design excellence, can feel overwhelming. We have been in your position and believe design firms assisting churches have a “responsibility” to provide stewardship-specific solutions that lead to reduced stress for your leadership team. Allowing us to come alongside you will free up your staff, leadership and volunteers to focus on other priority tasks.

Our proven process of leveraging our online design samples and portfolio (a picture is worth a 1,000 words) is designed to provide you with needed visual references –when words alone fall short – that ensure that you/your team can better envision and articulate (to me) a preferred direction for the “overall” design-look. That way, we will clearly understand what you mean when you say you want something classic, progressive, edgy, etc. Together with you, we will look at and discuss samples from our 240 logo idea references, 300 design concepts, 60 campaigns from other churches, stewardship specific writing samples and much more. We are committed to helping you feel confident about the overall process. Give me a call.